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Issues for 2021

Vol. 18. No.3: The Catholic Voyage: African Journal of Consecrated Life

    This article aims at exploring what the Bible says about the person of St. Joseph. It argues that Joseph is (a) a just man, (b) a “son of David”, (c) the legal father of Jesus, (d) the head his family, (e) a carpenter, and (d) Joseph carried out the will of God as revealed to him. This work shows that St. Joseph listened to God and carried out many things as a result of the divine communications. Although the words spoken to St. Joseph are few, the things he did are numerous. The author exposes some of Joseph’s main roles and actions.

Vol. 18. No.2: The Catholic Voyage: African Journal of Consecrated Life

    The religious superior is a physical person appointed or elected from other members to preside over a community or an institute. He or she represents the community/institute in legal matters, and as well governs the community according to the universal law and proper law see that things work out and also ensure that peace always reigns in the community/ institute. The religious superior, as the father or mother of a religious family, should accommodate every member of his or her family, embrace them with joy and love, always see them happy, know when things are not right and give correction when necessary...

Vol. 18, No. 1: TCV: African Journal of Consecrated Life

    The Catholic Voyage: African Journal of Consecrated Life(TCV), founded in 2003, is an academic journal published by the joint Conference of Major Superiors of Nigeria (women and men). Faithful to African and Catholic heritage and values, its aims are to educate, inform, form, and evangelize. The journal is addressed primarily to consecrated persons, clergy, candidates in Formation to Consecrated Life and Priesthood, the lay faithful associated and in collaboration with religious institutes and societies of apostolic life, and to all persons interested in this evangelical way of life. The Catholic Voyage welcomes well-researched articles on historical and contemporary issues from any area of ecclesiastical disciplines and human and social sciences. It also accepts reflections, reports, stories, and other genres of write-ups on related matters and happenings in the church and world, especially from African perspective.